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NCF Multi Sports In Schools

Schools Coaching courses can be run during the school day or after school depending on the requirements of each particular school.

NCF Multi Sports believe in quality coaching tuition provided to all, to be paramount and also at an affordable rate to all parents/guardians.

"I can thoroughly recommend NCF Multi Sports. They provide our school with very high quality professional sports coaching for children aged from 4 – 11 years.  The coaching activities are appropriate to the needs of all of our children and fit in well with the requirements of the National Curriculum..."
Dame Mavis Grant, D.B.E., Canning Street Primary School

Our highly popular School Coaching Programme enables us to go into schools over a period of six weeks and provide 1 hour per week sessions of coaching tuition to all participants.

We believe in returning funds to the local school for all the important work behind the scenes and giving back to the school.

The structure for our Schools Coaching Programme is:

6 x one hour weekly sessions at the school, times arranged according to school requirements

Cost for the block of sessions is £12.00 per participant, which is £2.00 per hour. We will return £2.00 of this fee per participant back to the school for all the organisation that goes on behind the scenes.

All children will receive the following: 6 hours of quality supervised tuition to cater for all ages/abilities. Individual Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course. One Individual will receive a Best Attitude Award for his/her efforts throughout the programme. This highly popular programme is available throughout all school term time.

For further information and bookings please Contact Us.

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